Technogel® Sleeping Pillows

A good pillow is more than fluff. It gently supports your head and neck. Relieves pressure. Keeps you cool and comfortable. Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, sleeping on your stomach, or in search of a more soothing pillow for your neck pain—it feels as if it was made just for you. With a layer of patented gel molded together with memory foam, our pillows help disperse your body heat and gradually adjust to your shape. In fact, a test performed in Japan showed Technogel pillows offered a greater decrease in pressure than other pillows. Crafted in Italy with close attention to detail, we strive to provide the healthiest, most innovative and best pillow on the market. So you can enjoy better night's sleep and happier, more inspired days.


Key Benefits
at the heart of all pillows

 conforming support     ergonomic supportive pillows
Conforming Pressure Relief   Ergonomic Support 
We call it 3D deformation. You'll call it the best night ever. Adapting like water but with the support of a solid, Technogel reacts uniquely to your body to ease pressure withou restricting movement. Technogel conforms gradually in all directions to help you maintain healthy sleep posture. It's the perfect blend of comfort and ergonomic support. 

  All Technogel® pillows are ergonomically designed to keep your head, neck and spine aligned. Match the shape and height with your sleep position and shoulder width to find the one that fits just right for you. Simply enjoy the cool, comfortable support that helps you wake up inspired.

thermal regulation    patented non-toxic gel 
Cool by Nature, and by Design   Healthy Details
Technogel's naturally high thermal conductivity means it helps disperse the heat released from your body throughout the night. Plus, a patent pending design features an array of top-to-bottom air tunnels enhance the breathability of Technogel® pillows so you stay cool, comfortable and sound asleep.    Technogel is a proprietary polyurethane gel made without plasticizer oils—it's non-toxic, virtually odorless, and resists hardening or softening due to temperature or age. The biocompatibility and resilience of this patented soft-solid gel means you can lie down and let your cares drift away.

Technogel Original pillows

Original Collection

The best keeps getting better with a range of classic and ergonomic shaped pillows designed to complete the ultimate sleep system.

Put your head down at night and feel your spirits rise in the morning. A patent pending design features a layer of Technogel® molded seamlessly to memory foam that gently conforms to your head and neck. Better pressure relief. More comfortable support. Keeps you cool while you sleep. Plus, a range of shapes and sizes to choose from. Rest assured: you may have finally found your perfect bedmate.

The result? A healthier, happier and more inspired you!



Technogel VIVE pillow

VIVETM Collection

An exclusive line of pillows featuring a luxuriously (double) thick layer of cool, comfortable gel wrapped in an indulgently soft cover—VIVE is exceptional from the first drop to the last stitch. 

You shouldn't compromise when it comes to comfort, so Technogel never compromises when it comes to quality. The art and passion of Italian craftsmanship lives in every Technogel Sleeping VIVE™ pillow. From our hearts and hands, we deliver the most innovative and luxurious gel pillow to your heads.

You deserve the most restful night’s sleep imaginable. Because comfort is the new luxury.